Nokia 105 Price in Pakistan and Specifications

Nokia 105 Price in Pakistan and Specifications

Advent: A stroll Down memory Lane

Nokia 105 price in Pakistan starts from RS 5399 within the rapid-paced world of smartphones and cutting-edge technology, it’s clean to neglect the gadgets that laid the foundation for our digital age. One such tool that stays etched inside the reminiscence of hundreds of thousands is the Nokia 105. released via HMD global, the organization that brought Nokia returned to lifestyles, the Nokia a hundred and five is a traditional feature smartphone that will pay homage to its iconic predecessor. in this weblog publish, we are able to explore the legacy of Nokia, the resurrection of the Nokia 105, its key capabilities, effect available on the market, and why it remains a cherished choice for many customers.

1. The Resurgence of Nokia: A brief records

To fully recognize the importance of the Nokia 105, let’s take a trip back in time and explore the storied records of Nokia. The Finnish telecommunications enterprise became once an undisputed chief within the cellular cellphone enterprise, dominating the marketplace with its revolutionary and sturdy phones. From the early 2000s, Nokia gadgets have been synonymous with reliability and durability, incomes them a huge worldwide following.

but, with the arrival of smartphones, Nokia confronted tough opposition from tech giants like Apple and Samsung. The employer struggled to hold up with the hastily evolving cellphone landscape, ensuing in a decline in marketplace proportion and financial struggles. ultimately, Nokia’s cell telephone department became acquired with the aid of Microsoft in 2014.see more…

2. HMD global’s Takeover: The Nokia Renaissance

HMD international, a Finnish agency based through former Nokia employees, took a ambitious step in 2016 by acquiring the rights to apply the Nokia logo for cellular gadgets. Their imaginative and prescient became to resurrect the Nokia call and recapture the essence of its glory days. The 105 performed a pivotal role in this revival method.

3. Nokia 105: A Nostalgic layout

The Nokia 105 retained the long-lasting and straightforward design that made Nokia telephones so famous in the beyond. Its candy bar form factor with a physical keypad added a feel of nostalgia to customers who had fond reminiscences of the use of older Nokia models. The acquainted Nokia ringtone further introduced to the nostalgic revel in.

The Nokia 105 may be a function cellphone, however it comes equipped with the whole thing one needs for simple communique. a number of its fantastic functions consist of:

long-Lasting Battery life:

one of the standout features of the Nokia 105 is its notable battery existence, lasting for days on a single price. This longevity is a testament to Nokia’s commitment to reliability.


continuing the Nokia legacy, the 105 is constructed to ultimate. Its strong production can resist rough dealing with and minor drops, making it a super choice for those in need of a dependable backup cellphone or for outside activities.

Torchlight functionality:

The Nokia 105 also serves as a accessible torchlight, presenting illumination in low-light conditions.

dual SIM capability:

For customers who want to balance paintings and private contacts or take advantage of different community vendors, the Nokia a hundred and five’s dual SIM functionality comes in on hand.see more…


Nokia 105

4. The impact in the marketplace: Bridging the virtual Divide

The re-release of the Nokia 105 served a twin cause. first off, it aimed to cater to the phase of users who sought simplicity in a global overwhelmed by way of complicated smartphones. The telephone’s accessibility and affordability made it an attractive choice for the ones looking for a primary communication device.

5. Nokia 105’s played a critical position

Nokia 105’s played a critical position in bridging the virtual divide, mainly in rising markets where not anybody had get entry to to expensive smartphones. Its affordability added dependable communication inside attain for thousands and thousands of human beings.

6. The Nokia 105 and function telephone marketplace

in spite of the smartphone domination, the function cellphone market remains relevant, and the Nokia one hundred and five has discovered its location as a dependable and pocket-friendly desire. It appeals to a particular target market:

Backup phone:

Many customers keep a Nokia 105 as a backup smartphone in case of emergencies or when their primary smartphones run out of battery.

inexpensive communique:

In areas where smartphones are nonetheless out of reach for many, the Nokia a hundred and five remains an low-priced way of conversation.

Simplicity and Minimalism:

a few users prefer function phones just like the Nokia 105 to get away the distractions of modern smartphones and embrace a easier lifestyle.

7. conclusion: The undying attraction of Nokia 105

In conclusion, the Nokia one zero five represents greater than only a primary characteristic smartphone. It symbolizes the resilience of the Nokia emblem and its capability to evolve to changing times. while it may no longer be at the forefront of cutting-edge era, its simplicity, sturdiness, and affordability have garnered a devoted following that keeps the Nokia spirit alive.

As we circulate similarly into the virtual age, it’s critical to apprehend and respect the devices which have fashioned the present day global of communique. The Nokia 105 stands as a reminder of the past while showcasing the enduring charm of honest and dependable devices. whether as a backup cellphone, an affordable communique alternative, or a trip down reminiscence lane, the Nokia one zero five continues to keep a special vicinity in the hearts of its users.


Nokia 105


frequently asked Questions (FAQs) – Nokia 105

1. what is Nokia 105?

The Nokia 105 is a characteristic phone released by means of HMD worldwide, a company that revived the Nokia emblem. It can pay homage to Nokia’s iconic records and layout, providing customers a easy and dependable communique tool with essential features.

2. What are the important thing functions of Nokia 105?

The Nokia 105 boasts several key features, including an extended-lasting battery lifestyles that could remaining for days on a unmarried charge, durable build pleasant, torchlight capability, and the ease of twin SIM capability.

3. How does Nokia 105 vary from smartphones?

unlike smartphones, the Nokia 105 is a basic function smartphone designed in the main for communication functions. It lacks advanced smartphone capabilities inclusive of touchscreens, app guide, and internet connectivity, however excels in its simplicity, sturdiness, and prolonged battery lifestyles.

4. can i use the Nokia 105 as a backup cellphone?

sure, the Nokia 105 is an superb desire as a backup smartphone. Its dependable battery existence and sturdy production make it a dependable alternative for emergency conditions or as a backup while your primary phone runs out of power.

5. Is the Nokia one zero five suitable for emerging markets?

absolutely! The Nokia 105’s affordability and essential conversation capabilities make it a really perfect alternative for rising markets in which now not all and sundry can have enough money luxurious smartphones. It serves as a bridge to provide reliable conversation to a much wider population.

6. How durable is the Nokia 105?

The Nokia 105 continues the legacy of Nokia’s sturdy construct fine. it’s far designed to withstand hard handling and minor drops, making it a durable tool which can resist the take a look at of time.

7. Does the Nokia 105 have a twin SIM choice?

sure, the Nokia 105 comes with dual SIM capability, permitting users to use extraordinary phone numbers concurrently. this option is mainly beneficial for individuals who need to control work and private contacts on a unmarried tool.

8. Can the Nokia 105 be used as a torchlight?

yes, the Nokia 105 consists of a built-in torchlight functionality, which can be activated without problems whilst needed, presenting illumination in low-light conditions.

9. What makes the Nokia 105 appealing in cutting-edge smartphone-ruled technology?

The Nokia 105’s appeal lies in its simplicity, reliability, and affordability. while smartphones offer advanced features, the Nokia 105 caters to folks that decide on a simple communication device or who desire to escape the distractions of contemporary smartphones.

10. Is the Nokia a hundred and five nonetheless to be had within the market?

As of my final update in September 2021, the Nokia 105 became available inside the marketplace. but, it’s vital to check with neighborhood stores or online shops for the most present day availability.

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