Articles of Agreement Springfield Massachusetts 1636 Quizlet

Articles of Agreement Springfield Massachusetts 1636 Quizlet: Everything You Need to Know

The Articles of Agreement Springfield Massachusetts 1636 Quizlet is an essential tool for anyone interested in learning about the history of the city of Springfield and its founding. These articles played a pivotal role in the establishment of the city and laid the foundation for its growth and development.


Springfield was founded by a group of English Puritan settlers led by William Pynchon in 1636. They arrived in the area after being expelled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for their nonconformist religious beliefs. They purchased land from the indigenous people and established a settlement, which they named Springfield after Pynchon`s hometown in England.

The Articles of Agreement

The Articles of Agreement were a set of rules and regulations established by the settlers to govern their new community. These articles were created to ensure that the settlement remained orderly and prosperous, and that the rights of all its inhabitants were protected.

The Articles of Agreement covered many topics, including the division and allocation of land, the establishment of local government, and the regulation of trade and commerce. They also outlined the duties and responsibilities of residents and established penalties for those who violated the rules.

Some of the most significant provisions of the Articles of Agreement included:

– The division of land into equal shares for each household, with additional land allocated based on the number of family members.

– The establishment of a form of local government, with a select group of men elected to serve as magistrates and oversee the affairs of the community.

– The regulation of hunting and fishing to ensure the protection of wildlife and resources.

– The requirement for all residents to attend church services and cooperate with the religious authorities.

– The establishment of a court system to adjudicate disputes and enforce the law.


The Articles of Agreement were a groundbreaking document in the history of American governance. They established a system of local government that served as a model for other communities, and they provided a framework for the fair and equitable distribution of land and resources.

Through the centuries, the Articles of Agreement have been amended and revised to reflect changing circumstances and values. However, they remain an important part of Springfield`s heritage, and their legacy can be seen in the city`s commitment to civic engagement, environmental stewardship, and social justice.


The Articles of Agreement Springfield Massachusetts 1636 Quizlet provides a comprehensive overview of this important historical document. It is an excellent resource for students, researchers, and anyone interested in the history of Springfield and the early American colonies. By studying the Articles of Agreement, we can gain a deeper understanding of the ideals and values that have shaped our nation and its communities.

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